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A blog to document and share my brother, Michael Phelps’, last year of swimming.  He has been in the sport of swimming for many years, most of which he competed at the highest international level.  As the countdown to his last year in the sport begins, we want to share with his fans a look behind the scenes, beginning with the 14th World Championships in Shanghai, China.



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  1. Vicki Hammond

    What a wonderful idea Hilary. Michael’s accomplishments and impact on the sport of swimming are beyond measure. It will be a bittersweet year for many of us because watching him swim is so exciting and to think of him not being in the pool is difficult to imagine. But I am jumping ahead and I need to just watch, enjoy and cheer like hell all the way to London. I look forward to following and contributing to your blog. Thanks so much for giving us fans an opportunity to feel some small part of this chapter in the career of the greatest olympic athlete in history. GO MP GO!!!

  2. he is arguably the greatest the world has ever seen. im sure by the time london Olympics will come you will have millions of fans for this blog.

  3. I love this. I have been following Michael and have been a fan since the Athens Olympics. I think this is a geat idea. I will be tuned in!

  4. Thank you for sharing these memories with us Hilary! Us MP fans appreciate it! Looking forward to all your updates! Go MP..Go Team USA…

  5. I look forward to following along on this journey – thank you so much for sharing. I commemorated the one-year-to-London mark by watching footage of MP’s 200 fly from Sydney – it was my introduction to him, and I’ve been Team Michael ever since. As I sit here in the wee hours of the morning (CA time) watching him on the podium in Shanghai as the National Anthem plays, I’m grateful to witness, yet again, the greatest swimmer of all time.

  6. Thanks Hilary for posting your blog link on Michael’s FB fan page. Ever since he hit the world scene I have tried to watch as many meets as are broadcast. I must say the pinnacle for me were the 2008 games and the record shattering 8 golds. As a competitive swimmer since childhood in the late 60’s and 70’s my idol was the great Mark Spitz. I never thought anyone could come close…until I saw Michael. I literally wept watching each and every race at the ’08 games wondering how God could have created such a magnificent specimen of talent in the swimming pool. I look forward to the countown to London and his swansong events there along with your expert coverage of him. Thanks again.

  7. Thank you Hilary.. It is gorgeous… Lick the pages.. … Let us out here – have more chances to know what is happening there… 14th FINA Shang Hai… Wish i were there.. Again, not able to catch up with Michael’s competition. Really hope able to meet him in the competition before he retire… He is awesome swimmer :))

  8. Hi everybody, Michael is definitely the best swimmer ever… I am a master swimmer from Spain and totally a big fan of MP. Good luck in Shanghai, but best of luck in London my good man!!!

  9. I think PHELPS did a very nice job,we CHINESE people r looking forward your next visiting!

  10. Amazing idea HIlary! Thanks so much for doing this! I just wanted to say thank you to your entire family for representing the best of what this crazy sport of swimming is all about. Your brothers’ accomplishments inspired me to write an entire Master’s thesis about his 2008 Olympic journey and how NBC’s commentators Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines called his momentous races. I am hoping to finish my Master’s next May and publish the thesis after that in a sports communication journal. I met Michael once in 2004 at a Swim with the Stars event in Atlanta, and since then he has been a beacon of hope for swimming against the footballs, baseballs and basketballs of the world. It has been a joy to watch Michael compete and witness what he has done for the sport of swimming. As someone who has also swam for well over half my life, I appreciate what you and your family are doing and the obstacles you have had to conquer. I wish you all the best with this blog and to the rest of your family. My hope is to see Michael’s journey completed in a Phelpsian fashion, leaving London with the title of greatest Olympian ever, the highest achievement in sports today.

  11. As much as I love this site and what its doing, I can’t help but be depressed that it’s actually Michael’s last year in swimming! :/
    It’ll be a longggg time before someone can fill the void in swimming once he stops, but until then I hope he DESTROYS in London!

    On the plus side, at least others have a chance now. haha

    Thanks for having the idea of sharing some of the cool moments in the lead up to London. And GOOD LUCK man!

  12. You were “THAT” close to get your 200IM WR back… and all without a proper training!!!
    C’mon Michael, work hard like only you are capable of and leave us, why not, with 7 WR and more than 20 Olympic medals! Keep on making history Baltimore Kid!


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